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  1. I can't post in the proper section, the access is denied when I try to post.





    Only a few sound fixes this time, please continue testing but don't expect

    many changes in this department compared to u1 unless otherwise mentioned

    in this whatsnew.txt.  The majority of the changes here are other cleanups

    and additional sets.




    m48t58 / m48t58y emulation, used by hornet and others [smf]

    hooked up in slapshot / operation wolf 3 / itech32


    MESS specific usrintrf patch [Nathan Woods]


    Fixed -wavwrite [Derrick Renaud]


    0.93 link warning fixes [Lawrence Gold]


    Exzisus dipswitch fix [Nicola Salmoria]


    Fixed Return of Invaders Life display [Nicola Salmoria]


    Dipswitches + Description fixes in Great Swordsman [Nicola Salmoria]


    Fixed sound in Opeartion Wolf [Nicola Salmoria]


    Fixed 2 player game in Super Qix [Nicola Salmoria]



    New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



    PuzzLoop 2 [Andreas Thorsén, Razoola]





    Additional SPI sets [bladerunner, Flatliner, The Sheep & Tormod]

    Ring King (Woodplace version) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

    Pit Fighter (version 5) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, MAN]


    From : http://haze.mameworld.info

  2. Decrypted Kof2002 V roms

    Former Jap M1 Fix Team decrypted kof2002 M1

    Encrypted P

    Scrambled Cx


    kf10-p1.bin,   0x800000, 0xB1FD0C43


    kf10-s1.bin,    0x020000, 0xE2A6A999


    kf10-c1a.bin,  0x400000, 0x3BBC0364

    kf10-c2a.bin,  0x400000, 0x91230075

    kf10-c1b.bin,  0x400000, 0xb5abfc28

    kf10-c2b.bin,  0x400000, 0x6CC4C6E1

    kf10-c3a.bin,  0x400000, 0x5B3D4A16

    kf10-c4a.bin,  0x400000, 0xC6F3419B

    kf10-c3b.bin,  0x400000, 0x9D2BBA19

    kf10-c4b.bin,  0x400000, 0x5A4050CB

    kf10-c5a.bin,  0x400000, 0xA289D1E1

    kf10-c6a.bin,  0x400000, 0xE6494B5D

    kf10-c5b.bin,  0x400000, 0x404FFF02

    kf10-c6b.bin,  0x400000, 0xF2CCFC9E

    kf10-c7a.bin,  0x400000, 0xBE79C5A8

    kf10-c8a.bin,  0x400000, 0xA5952CA4

    kf10-c7b.bin,  0x400000, 0x3FDB3542

    kf10-c8b.bin,  0x400000, 0x661B7A52


    kf10-m1.bin,   0x020000, 0xF6FAB859


    kf10-v1.bin,   0x800000, 0x0fc9a58d

    kf10-v2.bin,   0x800000, 0xb8c475a4


    MAME incomplete driver (Cx 're not descrambled here) :


    ROM_START( kof10th ) /* this is a hack of kof2002 much like the various korean hacks / bootleg */

            ROM_REGION( 0x4000000, REGION_GFX2, 0 )

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c1a.bin", 0x0000000, 0x400000, 0x3bbc0364 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c2a.bin", 0x0000001, 0x400000, 0x91230075 ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c1b.bin", 0x0800000, 0x400000, 0xb5abfc28 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c2b.bin", 0x0800001, 0x400000, 0x6cc4c6e1 ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c3a.bin", 0x1000000, 0x400000, 0x5b3d4a16 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c4a.bin", 0x1000001, 0x400000, 0xc6f3419b ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c3b.bin", 0x1800000, 0x400000, 0x9d2bba19 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c4b.bin", 0x1800001, 0x400000, 0x5a4050cb ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c5a.bin", 0x2000000, 0x400000, 0xa289d1e1 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c6a.bin", 0x2000001, 0x400000, 0xe6494b5d ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c5b.bin", 0x2800000, 0x400000, 0x404fff02 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c6b.bin", 0x2800001, 0x400000, 0xf2ccfc9e ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c7a.bin", 0x3000000, 0x400000, 0xbe79c5a8 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c8a.bin", 0x3000001, 0x400000, 0xa5952ca4 ) /* Plane 2,3 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c7b.bin", 0x3800000, 0x400000, 0x3fdb3542 ) /* Plane 0,1 */

            ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "kf10-c8b.bin", 0x3800001, 0x400000, 0x661b7a52 ) /* Plane 2,3 */


            ROM_REGION( 0x800000, REGION_CPU1, 0 )

            ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "kf10-p1.bin", 0x100000, 0x600000, 0xb1fd0c43 )

            ROM_CONTINUE(                        0x000000, 0x100000 ) // not sure what this is for

            ROM_CONTINUE(                        0x000000, 0x100000 ) // program code here




            NEO_BIOS_SOUND_128K( "kf10-m1.bin", 0xf6fab859 )



            ROM_LOAD( "kf10-v1.bin", 0x000000, 0x800000, 0x0fc9a58d )

            ROM_LOAD( "kf10-v2.bin", 0x800000, 0x800000, 0xb8c475a4 )



    The program ROM (P1) need descrambling as follows;


            UINT8*src = (        );

            UINT8*dst = (UINT8*)malloc(0x800000);

            int i, j;


            if (dst){



                            j=BITSWAP24(i,23,22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,  11,2,9,8,7,1,5,4,3,10,6,0);







    The onboard Altera chip makes the following modifications when reading from the main

    68000 ROM space;


            rom[0x00124/2] = 0x000d;        // Run code that gives XOR for RAM moves and forces SoftDIPs

            rom[0x00126/2] = 0xf7a8;


            rom[0x08bf4/2] = 0x4ef9;        // Run code to change 8x8 tiles (needed for neogeo logo tiles)

            rom[0x08bf6/2] = 0x000d;

            rom[0x08bf8/2] = 0xf980;



    The program ROM PCB has 3 visable RAM chips on it.


            16bit RAM from 0x2fe000 to 0x2fffff (8k)


            This one is just like the RAM seen on the later SNK games. It does not contain the palette

            lookup protections of other SNK games as far as I know.


    The other 2 are different / new.


            16bit RAM 128k ?


            To write to this RAM you must write from 0x200000 - 0x21ffff. Whats written can be read

            back from 0xe0000 - 0xfffff. If you read from 0x200000 - 0x21ffff you will simply have

            the ROM bank data in those locations returned.


            The actual size of this RAM isn't known but I guess its 128k. Basically only small sections

            are used and its possible to set 2 smaller regions for it instead as follows;


                    Write 0x200000 - 0x202000, Read 0xe0000 - 0xe2000 (8k)

                    Write 0x210000 - 0x212000, Read 0xf0000 - 0xf2000 (8k)


            8bit RAM 128k (8x8 tiles held here)


            To write to this RAM you must write from 0x200000 - 0x23ffff. Then writing words the low

            byte gets written only. If you read from 0x200000 - 0x23ffff you will simply get the ROM

            bank data in those locations returned. I don't know if this RAM is readable from other

            points in the NeoGeo memory map.


    As both these RAMs are mapped to the same write space there is a port that controls which RAM is

    being written to, this port is at 0x2ffffc (16bit). When 0x0001 is written here writing to the

    8x8 tile RAM is allowed. 0x0000 is written once the write is completed thus allowing accesss

    to the other RAM.


    When the game is first powered on the 8x8 tile RAM contains junk. The game fills the 8x8 tiles with

    good graphics before anything from it is displayed to screen. The 68k does this as the 8x8 graphic

    data is stored in one of the P ROM banks.


    There looks to be another possible port which is used but unknown, 0x2ffff8 (16bit). It looks like

    this is nothing more than a stored game variable but I though I would mention it in case. This is

    set to either 0x0001 or 0x0000 during gameplay and if the attract mode fight sequences.

  3. I don't want to blame U, coz U want to help other members, but my recommendation is : to remove the link, coz direct link to illegal unsigned xbe is stricly forbidden on this forum !


    Btw, MAMEdOX is heavy (125 Mb) & was already seeded @ xxxxsky.


    Could any1 make a patch to get & compare MAMEoX.xbe, default.xbe & tnb ? I don't want this release, I just want to compare it.

  4. Except sngokun P1 & kof95 V1 & sets update matching MAME 0.80, U needn't any other changes.


    Btw, samsho5sp & ss5spnd correct m1d 512 Kb was released, crc32 : 203D744E. As the 3 last segs of 128 Kb 'R the same ones & have minor diff with the 1st seg, I only post a patch to get the 128 Kb one :


  5. I know that I'm boring,but u can make a RC DAT with all corrections and new roms?


    sngoku3n P1 crc32 E0D4BC0A Ok


    also for sengoku3.zip?


    Sengoku 3 (encrypted Cx) isn't supported.

    Btw, if I update all the sets, I 'll have to update all the Neo*Geo sets to match MAME, Winkawaks & FBa indeed :




























  6. Logiqx updated his Neo*Geo dat.


    Btw, why don't FBa-XXX & FBa-XXX Pro support  secondary bootlegs such as svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, kof2002b & kof2k2pa ?


    Why R the roms assigned with svcsplus decrypted ?


    R matrimnd Px decrypted ? Coz Px crc32 'R the same ones as in the parent set.


    Lastly, I thx Gogo Ackman, Manto, the FBa-XXX Team & + T + to spend their free time to add drivers & implement new functions.

    Lots of those bootleg sets require adding alot of extra code to descramble the C ROMs and such. I really don't think enough ppl use them to make it worth the effort of trying to get them all working.


    Personally I don't see the point in any emu supporting bootlegs that don't change the game at all. I very much doubt that we'll see these kinds of sets officially supported by MAME (since matrimbl isn't). I won't remove the ones that are already there but I certainly don't want to add any more.


    svcsplus uses decrypted roms simply because they work just as well and load alot quicker and (as I said above) I don't want to spend time trying to get the svcboot descrambling code working. I could add an svcplus if ppl really wanted it, but it also would have to be based on the decrypted C ROMs.


    Thanks for letting me know about the problem with matrimnd's P ROMs. That was an oversight on my part. I'll upload a fixed patch and DATs soon. :o


    Yeah, I know svcboot Cx 'R scrambled, but there's the possibility to add only Px, M & V to get svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa supported (Btw, U'll notice the bug of Ryu's face at the beginning of the intro with those decrypted Cx :D ).


    kof2002b & kof2k2pa 'R supported by Winkawaks 1.53.

  7. Andro Dunos needs only 2 Cx, coz C 3 & C4 were garbage.


    Bang Bead (decrypted Cx) formerly uses Cx from the prototype, but indeed Cx data from the prototype R the same ones that in the decrypted Cx set merged into 2 Cx + dummy (C1 & C2 both : 8 Mb).


    U've to use the updated sets (matching Winkawaks 1.53).


    Sengoku 3 P1 has to be changed, coz the one required by Kawa-X is a bad dump. U've to use the one matching the set (decrypted Cx) supported by Winkawaks 1.53. No modif is needed in the default.xbe to support the true P1.


    PRican already answered about Neo*Geo BIOS.

  8. Logiqx updated his Neo*Geo dat.


    Btw, why don't FBa-XXX & FBa-XXX Pro support secondary bootlegs such as svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, kof2002b & kof2k2pa ?


    Why R the roms assigned with svcsplus decrypted ?


    R matrimnd Px decrypted ? Coz Px crc32 'R the same ones as in the parent set.


    Lastly, I thx Gogo Ackman, Manto, the FBa-XXX Team & + T + to spend their free time to add drivers & implement new functions.

  9. seems that my beef is really with bendermameox.... it does not support the decrypted m or v roms for rotd, even though its named rotdND... grrr... anyway keep up the great work guys, it really is appreciated..


    hats off....


    kind regards, silVa


    Indeed, the set 's named rotdND (decrypted Cx), coz P1 8 Mb hasn't bankswitching & is already descrambled. It has only to be patched to enable console mode. Someone told this P1 could come from a bootleg MVS cart.

  10. Author : HappyAsr

    Release : 2004.03.xx

    crc32 : 3B0BC22B

    SHA-1 : 0F5097304D834A0F32DC22519F52E473060AD89B

    size : 4194304 bytes


    Explanations :

    - Based on p1 crc32 B8CC969D (to be precise the first 6 x 512 Kb segs) ;

    - Useless data removed (10 x 512 Kb segs) ;

    - Console mode enabled ;

    - Some timing issues fixed.

  11. the Unique Fatalities have been removed from the game. There is also no splitting in half or decapitations at the end of the match.


    This is because the rom was dumped from a AES (home version) cart.


    The JAMMA arcade version STILL has the fatilitys.


    Can anyone here get the ball rolling to get us a TRUE Samurai Showdown 5 dump.


    The fatialitys ARE on the AES dump but they are censored out....they can be unlocked on the computer with a unibios to unlock it


    this unibios is avaible at  http://unibios.free.fr/ can anyone implement this into the bendermame??


    I know that there were verry few  jamma carts of SSVS released and no one is willing (yet) to open theres up to dump it.


    I will help in ANY way that I can.




    P.S. can someone post a link to some good move lists for SS5 please.


    Indeed, samsh5sp set was dumped from an AES cart "recalled" : that means fatalities were removed to apply the censor causing some bugs.

    Due to the pressure generated by the customers to own a genuine product, SNKP released some samsh5sp AES carts with fatalities unlocked & bugs fixed.


    Btw, if U don't use Unibios, U can apply the patch made by Wesker from Fightchina to enable fatalities :


    990 : FF -> FC

    991 : FF -> 33

    992 : FF -> 02

    993 : FF -> 00

    994 : FF -> 10

    995 : FF -> 00

    996 : FF -> 10

    997 : FF -> E0

    998 : FF -> F9

    999 : FF -> 4E

    99A : FF -> 04

    99B : FF -> 00

    99C : FF -> BA

    99D : FF -> 61

    461B4 : 7C -> F9

    461B5 : 35 -> 4E

    461B6 : 7D -> 00

    461B8 : 14 -> 90

    461B9 : 00 -> 09

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