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  1. thanks a lot for sharing this FUMANCHU!
  2. Another outstanding Emu-Opera...Music to my ears ...Thanks nes6502!
  3. I don't know if i'll succeed obtaining this new release anyway, as always, THANKS for your awesome "opera"!
  4. It's in there in this folder > XBOX/Console Based Applications/apps/emulators/N64/Surreal64/Surreal_XXX Thanks!
  5. I connected to xbins but i didn't see the file in the emulators folder
  6. http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pL7...S7M2EiyxndXxhLw by fosamax
  7. Thank u very much...Guwange is one of my favourite arcade games.
  8. I'm testing blue balls rev 1.2 (21 Nov 2008) but it still doesn't recognize GUWANGE by Cave.
  9. hi i'm testing the last beta and i found the following issues with some roms: - Hyper street fighter II Anniversary: the rom seems to be ok but i obtain only a black screen with sounds - Metal Slug 3,4,5 the romsets are ok (so I see in the message on the screen) but the roms don't succeed loading (I wait several minutes but the screen shows always the text romset ok and i must reboot manyually the console) - Guwange is supported? I have fbaxxx pro 1.28 and it supports this game. I reported this infos in the following spreadsheet made by fosamax: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pL7...S7M2EiyxndXxhLw
  10. How can i put right the displacement between backgrounds and text?
  11. I did what do u told me but there are skin graphical-issues....the text and the background images are "staggered". Perhaps do i need specific HD-skins?
  12. Please may anyone tell me how must be named the uni-bios 23? uni-bios.rom or uni-bios.23? I want to add it to neogeo.zip. The dat file included in the beta package i have doesn't recognize that uni-bios but i red that the last beta revision 1.0 supports it. Is it correct? Thanks for the support
  13. I added 3 (=1080i) but when i boot fbaxxx i obtain a little screen up on the left of my tv lcd...so little that i cannot see almost nothing and with a lot of graphic errors
  14. I started today testing on my xbox that is connected to my tv lcd by a monster component cable. I tried to select (in the emulator video option) hd resolution (720p, 1080i) but as soon as i press "A" button the screen freezes, and the only thing i can do is to reboot manually the console. What i'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help
  15. i don't know if it's only your writing error but rompath must be d:\isos\ and NOT d:/isos/ (use \ NOT /)
  16. I don't know which could be the matter I put u, probably, a stupid question: Did u installed neogeocdsdlx unleashed and neogeocdsdlx? If so u should change the save folder. I installed the two emus and i had to hex edit the save folder so that the two releases could coexist.
  17. U must create a folder named isos inside that folder u must create another one named IronClad (the same name of the cue) which will contain iso/mp3/cue files of the game ironClad. For each game u must follow this procedure: one game one folder (named as the cue game) which will contain iso mp3 cue files. The rom path.txt is just i wrote: rompath d:\isos\
  18. chrom were the games you put on the hdd in mp3/iso format? also what was the path you put into the path.txt?d:/isos/........ also did you actually put your iso images in a folder called Isos or just isos? im just needing to make sure i do it correct. The games are in iso/mp3/cue format (I use cddissect to rip them from originals). rompath d:\isos\ I put (just as example) IronClad (iso/mp3/cue format) in a "IronClad" folder which is in "isos" folder.
  19. I installed this emu on my xbox (in F:\Emulators\NeogeocdUnleashed and i put the isos in F:\Emulators\NeogeocdUnleashed\Isos ) and it works perfectly (I have only few games as this emu doesn't visualize on screen more then a limited nuimber of titles). The following is the readme file included in the emu package: This version is based on neocdsdlx v1.00 from lantus : The "only" new is iso/mp3 support, there are some limitations : 1) you must name the cue the same name as you rep (for example d:\isos\kof96\kof96.cue) 2) you must edit path.txt to select your paths (can be edited in d:\ and t:\ if you want) 3) each images must be in a folder in the iso folder (as for the example -> d:\ is the name of the folder which contain emu -> \isos\ is the isopath -> \kof96\ is the kof96 iso folder and \kof96.cue is the cuesheet file who has the same nam as kof96 iso folder. 4) Interface is really limited, I don t know sdl code and dont wanna mess with it, the main limitation is that you will probably all your isos if you have more than 10. 5) your cue must be named as the iso folder but not the files, no problem with their original name (except xbox fatx limitation) How to use : 1) simply choose CD-ROM/ISO 2) choose your iso (if all works correctly) The menu is limited to player D-PAD (up and down) and A button, again I don t really know SDL sorry GogoAckman Enjoy I hope this helps
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