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  1. hi does anyone know how to get a ds to control a pc using an r4ds, gba movie player and a ds/psp wifi max usb adapter? im on windows xp and me on another pc thanks adam email me @ smartboy56@googlemail.com (please no spam!)
  2. hi does anyone know how to control a pc with a ds using a r4ds and a ds/psp wifi max usb adapter?
  3. i have found out i have firmware v4.7 whitch is counted as v5
  4. hey is there any way of putting the ds lite flashme on an old normal ds? i have ds v4 firmware this is so i can get brightness settings on a normal ds! i have an r4ds and a gba movie player!
  5. hey i have got a new gba movie player is there a patch for this to work as a ram pack please!!!!??? i REALLY would like to get it workin!!
  6. hey if u want to find the ip adresses of all your network adapters follow these instructions. press start, click run, type in cmd, click ok, a command window will appear. in the window type ipconfig/all to show all ip addresses hope this helps you p.s does anyone know how to configure dshobro 0.3 on a linksys wag54gs router?
  7. hey here is da link for win2ds!!!! version2 win2ds_v2.zip
  8. hey you either have to put your ds's ip or the ip for the program running port 8888 it is only my guess try it! see if it works!? i have the same problem but i cant forward it to my router coz ill get done!
  9. HI i really would like to have the ds browser working on my r4ds. does anyone know where there is a patch to make it work without its ram cart? p.s i dont have a supercard/m3 or a gba movie player, i only have an r4ds. download ds browser rom here
  10. thanks for da post i will try win2ds v2 it might work for me!?
  11. hi anyone know how to work win2ds on an r4 ds? i have all the software going but it just hangs on the waiting screen forever........? please can someone help me!!! I'M GOING MAD ABOUT IT!!!!!! AAAAAH!
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