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  1. poebel

    xDS2Key v0.1

    Hi, I've just created a new DS2Key Server with mouse support: xDS2Key Homepage It's basically tested with DSPad v0.2 (v0.2b WON'T work) If you find any bugs pleas tell me ... poebel
  2. poebel

    Ds2Key C# Server

    Great work! But I've noticed one problem: I can't map the "TAB" key to one of the NDS Buttons
  3. This is just a Settings Editor, you have to start your DS2key.exe after you've edited the settings
  4. That's an false positive look here for more informations: AutoIt Forum
  5. That's because DS2Key currently doesn't support mouse button emulation
  6. Hi guys, I've created an GUI based DS2key settings/profile editor (for Windows) which should make it a lot easier to configure DS2Key Simply put the "DS2key Settings.exe" file in your DS2key folder and start it, everything else should be self-explaining (i hope...) If someone's interested in the source code feel free to ask Screenshot: Download: DS2key Settings Editor
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