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  1. Tried that too. If I'm not mistaken, I should use ipconfig to find my IP, right? the output gives me a few numbers. Using the supplied IP Address doesn't work, nor does the Default Gateway. I'm not sure if either of those numbers is what I'm looking for. When I type them into the DS2Key screen it just hangs. The only thing I can do is go hit the edit button and try another one.
  2. Okay, so I run the program on the computer. Then I turn on my DS with the DS2Key file on the SD card. I run the program, and connect to my router. Then I choose DS2KEY, then hit accept, then accept again, and then I'm at a screen where I believe it tells me which keys I'm pressing down, or where on the screen I'm touching. However, nothing happens on the program running on the computer. It's just sitting there idle.
  3. I downloaded the files from both stickied topics, but neither give me any useful documentation. The readme file in 0.5 is useless, it gives me no info on how it works or how to connect. The Virtual Gamepad Setup text file in the 0.6 zip file might be helpful if I could get it connected. Other than those two files, I can't find any documentation or setup instructions. I have a SuperCard SD which I can run the program itself from fine, but I can't connect to anything. Even if I could connect to my router, how would that help? Don't I need to connect to the computer, not the router? I've tried running the .exe file in both .zip files, neither does me any good. I run the .nds file on my DS and it can't connect to anything. I've also tried browsing the forums, but all the info is so sparse and vague, I can't get anything useful from it. Help? You know what would be really nice? If it would just show up in the download play play menu. That'd be a nice feature if at all possible.
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