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  1. End screen i mean is the last screen where u see mouse and stuff make sure ur DS ip is different from your gateway and at the endscreen change ip to the pc ur running the ds2key server for expample: (mine)
  2. Means 2 ip's are the same make sure ur gatway and pc adress are different and at the end screen change it into ur gateway adress.
  3. It's the color you set in your firmware the ds options that color is the ds2key color.
  4. Djohie

    DS2Key 0.5

    nice can't wait!!
  5. Djohie

    DS2Key 0.5

    Now the driver software =D
  6. Djohie

    New to this

    It makes ur ds into a wireless controller. Ds will be the keyboard =].
  7. This is exactly what i mean! Were to get these drivers to change my ds into a gamepad instead of keyboard.
  8. Read the topic title ^^ . Could this be possible that it sees it as hardware? I also got a USB charger for my DS maybe trough it i can get some data or something?
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