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Is it possible to loose the abilities you were born with?



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I've been considering the proposition of talents a lot lately. Trying to figure out if we all are truly born with "talents" the TV tells us we have when we're children. If these abilities are innate or just the hard work of someone who is used to doing hard work. If you attempt to study for the first time in your life, you'll understand at the rate of a tortoise, but if your studying a completely new subject while going through the process for the 100th time, you'll grasp it at a higher rate (giving off the illusion that your a natural).


So lets assume that it is innate, and that the A student in class was born with a talent. Then consider that we are all born with talents. Which talent is the best one to dig through life with? Are there "master" talents (IE: Copying other talents), sort of a psychological evolution of mind-X-Men. The kid in the corner having the ears of Beethoven, the one in the front has a mind quicker then speedy Gonzalez, the one in the middle tired but photographic in memory, the loner nothing but imaginative exploding imagery when given a pen to write or draw. This is what I was grown up with, this is what we are taught in children now in days (at least during the late 90's). That somehow everyone in society has their own "ability" that no one else has.


Fuck Immortal lost my train of thought.


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What you have to remember is that we arn't carbon copies of each other, read every one isn't created equal, so people will have certain advantages over otheres and in a few these advantages are just more pronounced than in others. eh hope you understood that --;

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