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Framing Hanley - Lollipop Cover




who is the scariest killer/monster from a scary movie?  

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Auto-tuners! One of the best and worst inventions in music history. Having heard Wayne/T-Pain/Timbaland all have shit voices when off the computerencial influence. It isn't even one of those "his voice sounds bad when he speaks because he's conserving it for he entertains" kind of voices, it's a straight up "I'm rough" voice that's thrown out there. Knowing that these people can't really vocalize well within music, I can only imagine the amount of frustration this adds to true vocalists. People who train day-in day-out to perfect the sound of their instrument and only make mild progression into success when these dudes walk in with nothing but a box making millions. Saying all of this, I still can't stop enjoying their music, while credit isn't due in their instrument skills, they do have good ears for whats "hip" and deserving of a radio station. Some of these dudes, don't even really need the box to fill in for their artistic downfalls, that is if the UnitedSheeps had children taught literature to a point beyond 5 paragraph essays.


Drake/Kanye/LilWayne/Eminem - Forever


You know that our education system sucks when a self-taught nigga that doesn't know the difference between To0 and To rhymes better than school poet contestants. These artists are forced to ignore the idea of "sending out a message" (something I believe Em grew up with), and are instead forced to give children something that sounds mega produced and unoriginal. I heard different words but the mood has been the same for the past 20 something records I've heard. O, and the best part about the auto-tuner is how clonetastik everybody sounds now. Someone listening to this song for the first time in their lives would consider Drake, Kanye, and Wayne the same person easily.


Black Eyed Peas - I gotta Feeling


Now that I've let out my thoughts on that, I'll just go ahead and say whats up with me. I haven't missed a class of school yet (I'm proud of this, I usually skip by now). While I haven't studied much the main subject I'm scared to shits to fail (Anatomy, I want to ask Gryph for help eventually but at this moment it just feels like I'll be asking him to do the work for me instead of actually helping me), my diet plans are still changing till I settle on something chill that I can handle, and my gaming habbit is getting closer and closer (I uninstalled Guild Wars, now I need to completely stop playing shit all together) to being diminished. Don't really got much else to say, what can I say, I'm trying to just live right now :D.



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