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I watched The Raid tonight





Let me start off by saying that I'm a little bias towards this "type" of film. I feel that films like this one, Scott Pilgrim, 300, and The Warriors; should be classified as "Beat Em Up's". The exposition is kept to a minimum, chatter is straight to the point (or used for a comedic tune to turn down the suspension), and there are boss battles everywhere. So in short, I enjoyed it very much, a long with the cinematography, and its music.


The film's premise is simple, there is a SWAT team that is sent out on a quiet kill order in the hottest building of its city. The top floor has the leader of a gang, and 2 boss baddies a long with an entire army of members that are willing to die for their leader. The film takes the first 20-30 minutes explaining this premise, and setting up the tension for future pause scenes (the cinematography tries its best to make you "feel" like you're in the film during these moments). Then, one of the scouts catches the team as they move upstairs and all hell breaks loose. There are fire fights, knife fights, random object fights, fist fights, necks snapping, stabbing, Jesus the list goes on, they try to show you a different form of violence in every scene and the variety is buffet-like. But everything looks awesome while it is happening and the shots really do make you feel the impact of the severity of the situation (20 SWAT Team Members vs. an entire cast of beat em up bads!).


Now I'm not entirely sure whether or not the soundtrack I heard was the original one, but I doubt the original one was better than what I heard in the film. It might be my bias (Mike Shinoda worked on the American version of the OST) but I feel everything being played fit each mood perfectly. Including the fights scenes, the music wasn't rushed in BPM but in intensity the harder the fights got, something I feel would've happened if any other musician worked on the film.


Concerning the plot, I think it's pretty straight forward, there is some more to it than just fighting, but I don't think the motivation given wasn't strong enough to warrant the situation. I didn't ignore it, but I sure as hell forgot about it when the fight scenes started. If you feel like watching a story don't bother with this film, however if you want to see some action being fired at you with a similar rate to that of a machine gun, go watch this film.


The only negative things I could possibly say about the film is that I felt they took to long shortening the cast, but that's a personal nitpick, the actual pacing of the film is deliberate and works for what is intended.


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