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We now have a *NEW* Emulation Links Section and a Chatroom!!

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Links Section

Yes thats right a new emulation links section. It will be well moderated and you can add links to sites for all kinds of systems. If you have any requests for a new category, please pm me! Plus you can even have your own " FAVORITES LIST "!!

Enjoy, The Links is on the Front Page! " EmuLinks"


Some Rules To Remember:

Only Emulation Sites
No Dead Links
No Direct Links To Roms
No Spam
No Advertising ( If you know what I mean!)

Otherwise you will be banned or suspended. I will add these rules in our board rules soon! Don't forget this is the " People's Forum"!!


Today I just got finished adding a enhanced chatroom. You can input smilies and everything. The link to the chatroom is on the main page and the end of the main index forum page. We will be adding many more enhancements soon. I am even thinking of having like a " Emulation Friday ", and every friday we will start giving out live rom requesting and chatting. If you have any other ideas, comments or questions post it here!



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Very cool. :thumbsu:
I made 11 additions to the links list.
Hope the are of help to someone.




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I don't think many ppl are interested into the chat room.
I rather wait anxiously for a msg to pop up.
Builds up tenstion :thumbsu:




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OH great this freakin is cool, thanks dude :thumbsu:.




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its originality is still good, its not IRC programmed but it sounds original..well at least the phorum holds a better attraction which was designed for.

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