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Forget waiting for the games buy a dreamcast

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    Needs Sunlight

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I cant say how much great of an experience it has been downloading dreamcast games! I have not had this much fun(ADDICTION), since i found the metal slug roms for the first time.
- as we speak im playing MvsC2, Capcom vs Snk 2, soul caliber, Guilty gear X, sonic series, and crazy taxi series.
*** all these games are backups of my Original COPY of course :blink: !, yea

You cant beat this, so go pick up a dreamcast for somthing around 20-25 bucks so buy a dreamcast today goddamit !

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    I'm A Loser.

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Dreamcast, HELL YES. I am a HUGE fan of SEGA. I think that the DC is the epitome of what SEGA really is; ****ing AWESOME!!!

I think I am one of the few to game the Sega(Swirl Logo)Dreamcast shirt! Yay! :blink:

P.S. DC R.I.P.





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yah dc is a good way to play those games. But there are still arcade games that aren't for dreamcast so we end up waiting again :blink:



    Airborne or nah

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What games? and it has to be in the "dc" capability range.



    The K Man

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Well I'm sure the games are in the DC capabilty range...but those games won't come out for DC.

Oh wait...I misread your post. Ignore this.

Edited by GryphonKlaw, 04 February 2004 - 05:24 AM.



    Dreamcast Lover

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DC is by far the best system ever created, why?

No modchipping or mods or swap tricks needed for anything
easy game burning
Original games/system is cheap as hell now
Excellent homebrew community
Best games ever, these games never seem to be defeated, i was playing SC and i rented SC2 (for all 3 systems) and i was left with this empty feeling inside, i went back to SC and returned the SC2s without buying them
Has the Most soul, you will never see such a large collection of great games, the DC is almost pure soul, its got Capcom Vs. SNK, Street fighter, the last blade, etc.
None of the games suck, I have yet to see a DC game which i didnt enjoy, even the small time Tetris clones keep me entertained
CHEAP VGA support, its about 5-10 bucks, any other system you better get ready to slap down 80+ bucks
Excellent controller, great for ANY genre, it just plain rules (1st person shooter takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it just plain rules)
Has that great Arcade feel to it, Sometimes you need a break from all these ultra realistic games, you just want a great, simple yet challenging, arcade style game, but if you want realistic, DC has that too!
Compact, this is one of the smallest consoles ever made (not including handheld of course)

The list goes on and on and on, best system ever, just plain rules

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