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Watch the first Nintendo DS Trailer!


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What do a lioness, and elephant, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Nintendo DS have in common? They all get touchy-feely in this new commercial.


In the newest Nintendo DS commercial, Steve-O nearly gets mauled by a lion while Chris Pontius frags away on Metroid Prime: Hunters while riding atop an elephant. Oh, Chris also says "ass". Welcome to the Nintendo DS hype train.


The commercial was directed by Jeff Tremaine and stars both Wildboyz as they compete wirelessly in the African wild. The highlight is when a female lion hanging out underneath Steve-O's tree decides to climb up and say hello. The event was completely unscripted, but since Steve-O didn't get hurt, the scene was left in. The ad begins airing on MTV today.


Hit the link below to watch both the commercial and a "making of" video from Nintendo's official website.

I could not stop laughing at the new Nintendo DS trailer, either they are trying to scare people away or somehow boost sails. Either way, the Nintendo DS is looking greater than expected. It will be available in stores November 21st!


In a press teleconference earlier today, Nintendo confirmed that a Nintendo DS Game Card featuring a playable demo of the upcoming Metroid Prime Hunters will be bundled with all Nintendo DS units in North America. The demo, called Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, will have one level of a first-person adventure game that can be played in either single-player mode or against up to three other DS users in wireless multiplayer format. We'll have more information about Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt and a full transcript of the teleconference soon.

This is also great news, most likely the PSP will do the same with their official games. Maybe Metal Gear Solid?


»» Watch the Commercial

»» Watch the Making of the Commercial

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Brilliant commercial :)


Especially when using the Wild Boyz.. they are just absolutely funnah, when they turn over the old show Jackass. :D


btw.. Metroid is hot !!!!!!!!1

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