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xbox soldering


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Oh Yea I Just Remembered. Try This I Was Planning On Getting This, Bet THe RadioShack Is STILL Really Good.



I saw some reviews on that thing and they were pretty bad. They say you should mostly use it for remote soldering and nothing involving large wire (like AWG 14 or less). Not to mention I heard the tips break very easily (since they're carbon or something like that).


As for me, I've got a nice 40W Weller Soldering Iron that I've used for over 6 years now and it's done all of my mods perfectly. The investment was definitely well worth it. In the future I hope to get once that has an adjustable temperature like I've got at work, but Weller's are a pretty penny. Mine originally cost me a $100 when I got it.

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I use a 15/30 watt soldering iron from radio shack. no matter what, i would recommend getting plenty of replacement tips. Even though theyre not ruined with a few installs, i usually change them every 2-3 jobs. at 99 cents its a small investment for good clean installs.

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Thanks For The Info Guys, And Good Ol 40 Watt But I Need To Replace The Tip Though, But $100 For The Iron? Where'd You Get It?


I got my soldering iron at a local electronics store here. They deal almost exclusively with that kind of stuff. I've had it for years and I've never replaced the tip on it. As long as I keep it tinned both before and after use, it stays as shiny as the day I bought it. Weller soldering irons are pretty high quality and aren't necessarily needed, but I have the options to change out with a different wattage piece and ironing tip if need be.

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