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MameoX 0.87 - djohng


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I found this which may help finish the controller programming.




Also I noticed in the code some of the problems are because Mame did some function renaming on top of adding/removing some.


What I was doing was using a windows search to look inside the.84 mame files looking for a function/STUCT that had an error. Then using a compare tool to compare 8.4 and 8.5 to see how they changed mame. This works well to see the differences on some of the changes.


I'm not a C++ programmer nor do I have time to figure this out anytime soon with a fulltime job and a family.


I hope this helps.

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hrmmm, djhong where have you been? I dl'ed the entire romset for the new stuff and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new build. :D

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truthfully, i think at this point you're better off waiting for 1.0 since mame updates lately have been coming out fast.


i especially like to see a playable turbo outrun since they finally are cracking :D

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Is there anyone out there looking at doing some mods to MameoX

Xport did a great job on VMM works well, rom compatiblity is more than I every hoped for except Street fighter 1 but id love a few more options and slight GUI changes. I know the source codes out would love to talk to someone who is looking at tweaking it again as its allready great but with a little more TLC will be the greatest \


Cheers :P

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