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the best rpg games

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robot war, if they count as rpg


The Super Robot Wars/Taisen series are Strategy games, ala Front Mission.... So I don't think it counts.... I'd classify it as "fan-fodder" games though... Like Gran Turismo... (In a sense..) :banghead:


Hey!? Where's the Shin Megami Tensei series!!!!???


Err.... The game is about the "end of the world".... And of course the two sides will battle it out, and the world is their battleground, and the hero gets a devil summoning program to enable him to umm... Recruit Gods, demons, spirits... And other stuff....


A game where you have the choice to oppose Lucifer, YHWH, OR BOTH.... Its like the wierdest taboo.... But if you understand the logic of Law VS Chaos in the game.... You'd understand..... And it's like a Atheists view of the end of the world.... O.o


Of couse if you are a Christian the endgame might offend you......

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