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Well It's Almost Halloween, I'm A Huge Slipknot Fan(Maggot) And I Decided To Go As Jim Root, Only Problem Is I Can't Find The Right Mask To Modify To Make His Mask After Going Past 60 Pages Of Google, Well I Found 2 Sites With It But It's Sold Out, And eBay Is Wayy To Over Priced, So I Was Wondering If You Guys Could Help Me. I'm Lookng For This Mask:



lz Help If You Can, Thank You!

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He's trying to find that mask to make James Root's mask.


Involves abit of cutting.


There was a site that had a guy make exact replicas of some of them but he discontinued it. Though I am lucky enough to have bought the IOWA Corey mask.


@666Ghost: Make sure to catch Headbanger's Ball tonight to see Slipknot's premier video for "Vermillion".

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Skythe, Dude I Already Have The Video, Go To UrbanChaosVideos To Get It, They Showed It On Kerrang. And You Are So Lucky To Get Corey's Iowa Mask.


PLasticSlug: With My Painting Skill? I Rather Go With My Joey Jordison Mask.


And Should I Get A Mick Thompson Mask? I Know A Few Places That Carry Them,

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Thanks Emsley,.. But I Saw That Jim One I Didn't Like It Cuz The Chin Is WAYYYYYY To Large. And I Remember That Shawn Mask That You Showed @ Neocream :)

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