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Saturn/PSX Adapter recommends?

Guest kodec

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Hi all,

I'm looking for an controller adapter to use with Kawa-x and Mameox. I was thinking of using the Magic Box adapter. Has anyone tried this already with the emulators? Any caveats? Specifically looking for any problems with compatibility or lag time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.




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There are 2 adapters that I found work with PSX controllers on kawa with no lag. I got them both form Fry's Electronics. One is madcatz and the other says Total control on it. They both were about $12 and they both work with Xbox and gamecube. If U don't have a Fry's try Outpost.com it is their online store.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I got the Magic box and it works great so far when playing with Kawa-X. There was one problem though and that is when using a PS2 controller with the Magic Box, the R3 and L3 buttons do not appear to be mapped. This makes it impossible it seems to exit a game in Kawa-X since you have to click R3 to bring up the menu. Any ideas why the R3 and L3 don't work on the PS2 controller? The instructions it came with did indicate they were mapped.


Is my adapter defective? Did anyone else have this problem?

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