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Sure, it will be missed. But we also have to remember that Playmore saved the Neo-Geo; otherwise the system would be been ded long ago. Despite all the flak Atomiswave has recieved, the Neo-Geo sort of lives on within it.

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SNK isn't changing their Sprite style for Atomiswave.



Screw you people who want new sprites.



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hmmm age? yea they dont do it consistantly, because Kyo is Obviously out of highschool but what about shingo? or Athena even? makes me wonder how ART of FIGHTING 4 will be, i have the feeling it will be chronologically correct and that most characters will be old, unless its based in the 70's again

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i just checked Atomiswave website and it seems that they already released a new consule for snk games like neogeo so im counting on emulation ppl to bring us these roms soon plz can't wait




Soon = 5 to 8 years at best.

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