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My next target for assassination.

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Our Target


This is, by far, the most bigotted person I've EVER seen! He is anti-porn, anti-drug. He's against wearing jeans. He's against booze. He's against inter-racial marriage. He's against abortions. He's against birth control. How someone gets this flocked up by the age of 19 is beyond me. Not only that, but he's demanding harsher sentences for all of these. Sometimes even the death sentence!


I mean, c'mon! He's against the theory of evolution. He's PRO police brutality! He's against tatooing! He supports a group whose sole purpose is to INVADE OUR PRIVACY! The worst part is he's actually going to run for governmental offices!


I'm starting the new, Anti-Daved McNamara movement.


And if you've seen this before, I hope you're just as pissed as me!


Ugh...this is what christianity does to people...

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this has nothing to do with christianity, the bible verse that he put up is totally irrelevant. i understand some of his view points but he does seem to go a l il bit too extreme.. being a christian myself, i know what should be done according to the bible but i think some of the things that he put up was from his personality..

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except abortion i don't believe his bs you should go ontop his house and take a piss.

Or higher the chinese mafia or japanese yakuza and say he fondles their niece

you would see action.


remember fetuses could be the next doctor to cure aids n other vanerial diseases

dont kill them

give them to orphanages

or just wear a damn condom

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