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30 Years of Slaying Dragons and Saving Princess'


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Click Here. Covered by Gamespy(stfu, their actually good and are D&D`ers so they know what their talking about!)


Shoots the run down on the 30th Anniversary on a game that is practically the base on anything fantasy-based RPG game. That folks, would be Dungeons & Dragons. Gamespy takes a look at the history of this great past time with friends and long sessions you can poke a stick at.


This is something Gary Gygax himself could be proud of.

D&D players unite and celebrate 30 years of slaying dragons and saving those damn damsales in distress!

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I bought Neverwinter as well now, but I can't get it to play on this comp...

I badly need those Windows CDs, maybe my parents took them somewhere...


But props to DnD for creating the RPG, and influencing the creation of video games in general.

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