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MAME 0.85u2 's released


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I post here, cuz access was refused when I wanted to post in update section.





Driver Improvements:



- Turned off autocentering by default in warlords, sbrkout, and

  destroyr. There are probably others that should have this as well.

  Please post on www.mametesters.org if you have suggestions.

  [Aaron Giles]


- Fixed a number of recent errors introduced into the input port

  definitions of several drivers. [El Condor]


- Fixed various stuff with the jalmah.c driver, including suchipi

  booting, improved the video emulation a bit & attempted to add

  controls. [Angelo Salese]


- Updated Namco Super System 22 driver to use preliminary M37710

  core, but it doesn't do anything useful yet. [R. Belmont]


- Added conditional coinage to snowbros. [inigo Luja]


- Fixed backwards controls in ckong. [inigo Luja]



Changes to the main program:



- Renamed PORT_CENTER to PORT_RESET to more accurates describe what

  it does. Also added PORT_CENTERDELTA(x) to control the autocentering

  behavior. [Aaron Giles]


- Added a WIP Mitsu M7700 series CPU core, specifically targeting

  the M37710. [R. Belmont]


- Removed the static MAX_DATAFILE_ENTRIES define, by retrieving the

  game count at runtime. [Rene Single]


- Fixed bug that prevented the mixer from loading data unless all

  channels had been modified. [Aaron Giles]



New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:


The Return of Lady Frog [David Haywood]

Virtua Fighter 1 [Andrew Gardner, Olivier Galibert]



New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:


Twin Cobra 2 (World) (2 sets) [brian Troha]

Counter Run (bootleg set 1) [Tomasz Slanina]



Source : http://haze.mame.net/

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What! James hasn't posted this already? What's going on!?  :ph34r:  :D

This Isn't Right At All James Is Suppose To Post These Mame Releases,.. Hey Whats That Bomb Shaped Thing That Falling Right Outside The Window?


So Now Vurta Fighters Is Working, Hows The Game? I've Heard Lots A Stuff About It But Neva Played It...

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