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Doom 3 requirements problem

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/me will make a soundpack using the sounds from the Alpha.

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Hey, was anyone lucky enough to get the Trent Reznor Doom III sound pack? But id asked for it to be removed so the link is gone.


This is from GameSpot:

Were you dissapointed by the lackluster sounds of Doom 3? Do you want your pistol not to sound like a Nerf air gun? Wish the enemies made sounds that could actually scare someone? Long for the far superior sounds by Trent Reznor? Well look no further, for here they are! This mod changes the sounds for the imp, the pinky, the zombie, the fat zombie, the zombie commando, the hell knight, the pistol, the shotgun, the machine gun, the chaingun, the player,that's it!


So if any of you get this sound pack, please post here. :D

What is this? Did he make sounds for the game and then they weren't used in the final release?

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