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fbaxxx 8.02

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Fix for the 08/02/2004 Release:


Bug Fixes:

- BLACK SCREEN bug fixed (that was a FM interpolation error)

- XBE is now correctly patched and should work with all Xbox/BIOS

- Possible crash in.DAT files creation with the old dumps version

- SMA Protected games (and some others) showed the grid when launched

- Guwange graphical glitches + random crash still exists in old dumps version

- Possible crash when launching a game with a lot of bad CRCs

- Crash when entering replay menu with some cheats enabled when replay folder is empty

- A bunch of menu entries quit menus instead of returning to previous one


New Features:

- Replays can now be recorded with cheats activated

- Cheats configuration is loaded/saved upon game loading/exit

- Game versions can be hide when browsing the list (for example: "Guwange" instead of "Guwange (1999 6/24 master ver.)"

- Widescreen and progressive scan (HDTV) support :lol: (Have to be enabled in MS Dashboard)



heres hoping they release their sources so prican can hook it up :lol:

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well it seems the src was linked but its not there and the tread is locked so i can't post about the dead link :lol:



another big thing to note; they aren't supporting banned games on their site :lol:


so i highly suggest keep questions about banned games here since they won't help you on that any more :D

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Well, this new version doesnt use the kof2003f.zip that the previous version did, it doesnt like my m1d and s1 files after I renamed it to kof2k3.zip. The m1d is too big, but it'll load it, but it doesnt accept the S1. So, where can I find the proper s1, and if push comes to shove, the m1d it wants?


thanks in adavnce

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How do you know which file doesn't like.


I have this 3 sets with the perfect crcs as reported by the Romcenter dat created with the Mame Dump xbe







I have all those sets with the perfect crcs none of those 3 actually play though. It loads the roms. Never gives any errors and then the emulator crashes. It just sits there and does nothing so I have reset the Xbox.


I can only think no KOF2003 works for now. Unless someone actually got it working.


Any other game I can get to work no problem except for KOF2003

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I dont think the DATs show everything. And besides, FBA has alwyas listed which ROMs are faulty if you load up a set that arent what it expects, CRCs enabled or not. I didnt even know there was a kof2k3 supported until I looked IN the Romcenter.DAT, thats how I knew in the first place. So I took a gamble and renamed kof2003f.zip that worked in the previous version and renamed it to kof2k3.zip. When I loaded it up, it gave me an error message about the m1d and s1 files.


EDIT: Also, if you look, at least one KOF 2003 set I saw was marked as NOT WORKING. This happens to be the set used in the Kawaks v1.48b dev + KOF2003 PCB set that came out some months ago. Its the exact CRC and everything, but loads up to a black screen.

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Thx I got that set working Vegeta.


My problem was that I wa susing the Mame Dump version all the time since that one plays all my other roms.


However that version does not recognize kof2k3.zip as a valid rom name.


Loaded default.xbe and kof2k3.zip works fine.


Thanks for the info.

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