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What do you need to play doom 3

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Their isn't any noticable lag in general, but when those monsters start coming and start going over 10, be prepared, you might lag depending on the effects being thrown at you.


But, during the game, their will be some parts where it feels like your FPS drops to like 3. This of course could be a driver issue, but I'd like to avoid Betas of ATi's drivers.


Expect a D3 patch soon.

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That removes almost all exepreneciececece.

No, heaven's no. The game looks awesome even without those. He didn't remove all the lighting effects.

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I see... I remember Robert Duffy saying that removing those will severely diminish the environment and experience. I'd rather play on low and keep those special things instead turning off any special effects to play on medium.


I also wondered this...why does it matter if a card is DX9 compatible to have the heat haze thing when the game is OpenGL?

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