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Chankast Utilities v0.25 BETA Released!


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From Kryso (Programmer of Chankast Utilities)....


Sorry for the long delay, it has been very hard to fix a lot of recent bugs.

Currently I am running a Windows XP Chinese Version which is generating different

offsets than the original Windows XP English Version. Therefore, I am still working

on getting Windows XP English Version. There are some noticeable bugs in this release with some English XP( but not all, some of my friends do not have the bug, actully, I don't see the bug myself)


- Configure Region does not work correctly and will generate an error message after

you change the region and close out of Chankast and run the bios.


If there are other bugs, please tell us. I am trying to gather a list of all of them so we

can fix them for the official release. If the official Chankast v0.3 is released then we will

port all our work to it.


New functions:

1 When you are in a game, you should press - to decrease CPU to 1 (orignal is 50).

2 Multi Language support, you should add your own language.

3 You should design your skin.bmp to change the screen.

4 You should reocord your game to an AVI file.


» Download it Here! ** Link Fixed 8/19/2005 **


You have to extract it to the original 0.25's folder.

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How do I send in bug reports?


Also is it okay to send requests?

Yes, just type them all here. That's the entire point of a BETA version, so we can fix bugs and add more features. :lol:

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Great, I have 3 requests.


The addition of a minimize and maximize window feature.

The ability to save settings, like disabling Show stats.

And a speed up key, like in VBA and ZSNES. A configured key that creates a speed boost for as long as the key is held. Really comes in handy for zooming past long intros.


I hope these requests are possible.

Also Chankast Utilities is very impressive, it's a must have for Chankast.

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I think I would be better to make the next V work with plugin system..... just like EPSXE..... that will help alot.

I wonder why the text dose not apear in my screan!!!!!!!!!!?????

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I think that if the next version went down the plugins path, it would eventually encounter similar problems that the N64 emulators have.


Besides, I think that Chankast might need it's own plugin specs meaning having to write new plugins just for Chankast (the worst case).

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I also would like to ask about if there is still games that chankast dose not support.


and when the Cpu is less than the 2GHz (I mean very less than that )... dose it work even with slow fps???? and what is the russalt.

thank`s <_<

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I don't like the idea of plugins. You can never find a setup that works for everything.


Chankast doesn't support everything at the moment, but games are being added and they don't affect the compatibility of other so eventually, presumably, all games will work on Chankast. Can't say the same for ePSXe or 1964.

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Well I downloaded this and it seems cool. I havn't tried any games yet, because I'm too lazy to get em on my HDD <_< (they're backed-up)


Anyways in the Bios, the fps goes steady at about 58 and then everr about 5 seconds drops to a sluggish 14 for about 4 seconds and then repeats the same thing over. I didn't have this problem without the utilities though. ;)


I'll do some testing later and get back to you guys.

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If their porting this to Xbox, they'll have to lower how much CPU power the game takes up and it takes up alot. An Xbox's CPU is 733Mhz, with that Chankast would run, just VERY VERY SLOWLY.


2.0Ghz PC's with a a nice 64MB GeForce 4MX440 run Chankast incredibly well.

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Are there currently any mirrors for this download? I try to download it on my cable internet connection and the speed is very slow and at a certain point through the download it hangs and does not continue.

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