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  1. If you recorded a game that is not selfbooting you will need to use a boot disc to get it to load on a real Dreamcast. As of right now the Utopia boot disc does not fully work on Chankast. You get the screen telling you to swap the discs but you can't. I've messed around trying to get it to work by using both image files and recorded CD-R discs. To get a non-selfboot image to work on Chankast you need to make it selfbootable like GryphonKlaw mentioned.
  2. I use Photoshop to make screenshots. I just hit either the PrintScreen button, or the ALT+PrintScreen. Just pressing PrintScreen takes a picture of the entire screen while ALT+PrintScreen takes a screenshot of just the active window. You can then paste it into your graphics program. For Photoshop I hit CTRL+N to create a new image and then I hit CRTL+V to paste the screenshot.
  3. I believe there are tools that can make a game self-boot. I don't remember the names of them or where I read about them but I remember seeing them once a while ago.
  4. I loved Goldeneye, despite the glitches. Like people sticking through doors/walls and stuff like that.
  5. This game was excellent. I really enjoyed playing it when it came out back in 1993. I've played it on an emulator too and I still love it. Nice review.
  6. I've had problems with Chankast reading mounted.CDI images. I burn the image with Alcohol 120% so I have a hard copy of the game and then create a.CCD image using Alcohol 120% and I load that into Daemon Tools. For me Chankast reads all the.CCD images I've tried.
  7. I was just wondering if the Dreamcast had USB ports. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. Nevermind, I finally got the download to complete. Something I think would be nice for the emulator would be Dreamcast keyboard/mouse support. The keyboard support would make Typing of The Dead playable.
  9. Soul Calibur works well for me. I have played it on the Alpha and Beta versions of Chankast and it never asked to change the cable. My computer specs are: Pentium 4 at 1.7 GHz 512 Megabytes of RAM 64 Megabyte GeForce 3 Windows XP Home Edition Also I am running the game from Daemon Tools using a mounted image.
  10. I like to have both an image and a hard copy of my Dreamcast games. I use Alcohol 120% to record the game to a CD and then create an image I can use with Daemon Tools. Alcohol 120% does a very good job with.MDF files.
  11. Are there currently any mirrors for this download? I try to download it on my cable internet connection and the speed is very slow and at a certain point through the download it hangs and does not continue.
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