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  1. www.deviantart.com www.neowin.net www.exemu.net www.ngemu.com www.emufanatics.com www.yahoo.com www.google.com www.warp2search.net www.1up.com www.hebus.com
  2. Maybe she had a really bad makeup artist that thought it would look sexy for her to be ALL greased up
  3. Is this post your desktops or post your wallpapers? Maybe there should be two threads Anyways here was my las wallpaper. Right now I'm either gonna make a Dante wall or try to find one I havn't used yet BTW: I made this one Tifa Wallpaper 1280X960
  4. Looks alright. But IMO they took a step backwards in the design. The GBASP looks way more sleek and sexy. The PSP looks better than both though, plus the games look more refined. I guess N fanboys will be happy?
  5. Well I downloaded this and it seems cool. I havn't tried any games yet, because I'm too lazy to get em on my HDD (they're backed-up) Anyways in the Bios, the fps goes steady at about 58 and then everr about 5 seconds drops to a sluggish 14 for about 4 seconds and then repeats the same thing over. I didn't have this problem without the utilities though. I'll do some testing later and get back to you guys.
  6. Also sometimes your videocard will come with a dvd encoder (Most Radeon cards) so you may have it sitting somewhere you didn't even know But like K'Dash said, Media Player Classic plays DVD's
  7. *cough* I'm Canadian *cough* Well I liked the sow, but like others have been saying there were many problems. Since it is the first of the kind though, I'll give it a break. I'm just hoping for the next show to be better.
  8. Don't worry I'll have fun and enjoy my stay
  9. Hey guys. I'm new I guess GameCop invited me to join so I did Looking forward to posting more. Some of yuo may know I'm the same Razor Blade on ngemu, exemu, flaretech and a few other forums I go to
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