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NETplay for NEOGEO fighters


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It would be awesome if we could use a system like KAI or XBconnect to play kof and svc and samsho on the net against each other...


any likelyhood of this happeneing on xbox?


i read on gogo's forum that that is the next big thing for fbaxxx

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xport always adds netplay to his emulators.... and he just took over mameox so who knows maybe we will be playing on that soon :P

Have you actually experienced netplay in Xports emulators?


I have and its nothing to brag about. Maybe things have changed recently but last time I checked, the netplay option leaves a lot to be desired.

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Yeah, if there's lag in NES games, there'll be more than tolerable lag in others.


Frankly, though I haven't been able to try this most recent version of fbaxxx, the only thing that runs neogeo games at a legitimate speed without slowdown intermittently is kawa-x.


I just wish "none" was an option on the keyconfigs, triggers are very sensitive, and its annoying having it pop buttons randomly.

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