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Dah. As you guys know, I'm supposed to making the comic and the quickies and the 1emu movie. Well as an update.


The movie has been cancelled/Delayed cause my flash skills suck And I want to practice with it more.


I made a few more updates to the comic but then my computer crashed and I lost them all :P


And quickies are prolly the most promising here.


So What you're going to see more is quickies and prolly more comic updates.


If you guys want to be included in a quickie just tell me. Cause right now, Emsley and ME! are my test subjects to trying out stuff :P


Btw, That "test subject" thing isn't meant to sound evil...

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Lmao. You got to be kidding me :P

Yes, I am kidding :P


Ukyo P2 color, where he's all white.

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I don't mind being a guinea pig. You could use that drawing of Kramer/Leisure Suit Larry you showed me before. Or if I have to be a video game character, make me Dhalsim because he's Indian too. :P

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