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A bit of a deep one!


Do you get angry more than you should?  

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How do you controll your anger?

For me old memories pop up from the past stuff were i let it go.

But it churns me up and i feel like tracking certain people down and well hurting them?

Do you ever get repressed feelings flowing to the surface?

Ex girlfreinds and people who belittled me are useually the inteneded victims of my prisim of anger?

Anyway :D do you see the red?

do you get angrey at old memories i need to look at it a different way but im getting so angry.

grrr. :lol::screwy:


Emsley: it wasent "me" it was the one armed man!

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Im not one to get angry, unless someone tries to tell me what to do.....then i get fukkin mad.


I may sound angry cause i swear loads, but i have always swore all the time, in general conversation & because of where i live.


I dont get angry about the past either......just sad n resentfull, but the past doesnt really bare thinking about like that cause no one can change it.

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whoa! :D nice title. me! needs to get his head out of the gutter. :lol:


anyway. ive got more people that i could be mad at than i can count. i used to be a VERY aggressive person. id kill a guy for farting in my direction. but those days are over, now that ive found our lord jesus christ, our savior. :angel: YEAH RIGHT!! :screwy::lol: those punks can burn in hell!! most of all my enemies have gotten their's in the end. nothing makes me happier than running into one of them and finding out that they have secured themselves a nice job bagging groceries at the local publix for 4.25 an hour. :lol: as for ex-girlfriends, we can take for example this one that ive run into recently. ive found out she has like 5 kids, all by different men. :lol: just thinking about it, i cant help but laugh. :lol:

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I occasionally have an anger problem. In the past I have punched holes in doors, walls, and smashed inanimate objects. I am not so bad now because life is good. I think it is just one of those phases you go through as a teenager. Games help me get rid of anger anyway. Nothing beats driving over someones head in GTA3 when you are feeling mad :P

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