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Music Composition

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I had some software for composing midis once, but the trial ran out.

I went back to where I downloaded it, but I couldn't find it. I forgot what it's called so I can't just google it.


If you know where I can find it, or another good composing tool, could ya tell me?


BTW, it was a simple setup, it showed the musical score for each channel. You just clicked where you wanted notes. You could choose from about 120 some intsurments. I think the name had some M's in it, which probobly doesn't help, but might narrow it down. I reeeaaly want it back... :rolleyes:

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Well, the only I one I know of is modtracker, which is free. You can create MOD, MIDI, IT and other formats. It has all the instruments.


http://chanman3.cjb.net/chanman/Eric%20Chan%20-%20Bored...it <- that file was created in Modtracker.

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dude reason, cubase, logic theyll do what ya want!! they can make midis but theyre actually intended for professional music production... i use myself use them... fruityloops as as mentioned by weirdanzeige and randon guy is a good place to start for beginners... though i never liked it so i started on reason... its a very easy program... and theres plenty of resources to help all over the net :blink:

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