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links for genesis, 32x and sega cd roms...

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well what's the other story dude....


the story is that they are impossable to find. -Link removed. Read board rules.- has 2 isos but thats it. mostly the only other places to find them are on p2p progs like direct connect. :shock:


man...******* ain't got **** on 32x...i click on the roms section and all that come out is "goodgen"...da flock....


you click on the goodgen. thats where the roms are. they have the full set, dont worry. :D and sorry to have to lay down the law, but please keep the foul language to a minimum. we have yongsters in the audiance. :wink:

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go on the 1emulation dc hub. i myself have 80 sega cd isos that id be glad to share with anyone. :lol:


check out the E.F™ Direct Connect Hub forum for more info.

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