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Good and bad things in life


Should emsley stop smokeing  

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This week i sold some stuff and i got a hole bunch of english notes just waiting to be spent.

I became a mod, im getting dreamweaver newest version for a tenner.

Im getting 2 really cheap adsl boxes less than 36 pound.

i have paid my half of my yearly bills to the old man[dad] as we are getting ready for the adsl upgrade.

I have paid half of the installation fee for the adsl.

all thats left now is the other half of the bills for the year and my hard drive update!

which i will have the that for those things within two weeks.

i have had a job offer :) on some fork lift trucks which i may have to take.

The only bad things are the scarey problem with my pc and i got a bad chest infection cough cough!!

Any thing cool happening to you guys ?

And a top secret link is on the horizon.

Oh and another top secret web page im developing with a freind that will make you laff till sick comes out of your nose.hehe.

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awe...you've come to the right place my friend. i myself started smoking at the wee age of 11, and i quit at the age of 22. honestly, most of my motivation to quit came from the price increase on ciggs. i remember when the used to be like $1.25 a pack, but now they are nearing $5.00 for a pack. I DAMN THE SURGEON GENERAL TO HELL!!!!!! :D now i never experianced any health problems from smoking, but i have friends that are in really bad shape because of it. so, if you are having trouble breathing or anything like that, i suggest you quit. :) sorry, but im sure you dont want to end up breathing out of a tube in your neck, ive seen it happen. sure everyone dies, but there are better ways to go out. :)



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i smoke or used to smoke about 1 pack a day that´s 20 ciggs and on weekends the sum is usaully higher now i don´t smoke that much as ciggarettes dot more expensive here too, wether you smoke or not it is you r decision, i suffer from bronchitis and still smoke i´m not proud of it, but it can´t be helped right now =(

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You should all give it up :wink:


Actually I know how hard it is because my friends are always trying and failing and even my brother. The best way to see it though is that if you smoke a £4 pack of cigs a day. That is £1460 a year :shock: Just think of how many games and consoles you can buy with that kind of cash!

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The best way to see it though is that if you smoke a £4 pack of cigs a day. That is £1460 a year  Just think of how many games and consoles you can buy with that kind of cash!


exactly. i used to smoke 2 packs a day maybe more, and double that on the weekends. added together that is a butt load of money i was spending. the same thing with drinking and mood altering drugs. with the money i was spending then added with, ofcourse, the health risks, it isnt worth it in my opinion. now, its clean living for me. i only eat fruit and vegatables, rice and noodles, a little chicken and some fish. and the only thing i drink is water. ive never felt better in my whole life. trust me, if you folow a simular regiment, you'll come to see what i mean.


ps- i still have the occasional cigar, but hey, everyone needs a vice. :shock:

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Must stop smokeing.

I was thinking of hireing a guy to follow me around and when i lit up a cig he punched my lights out, i would have no option but to stop then, but i would probablie get mental problems from the K O blows.

I hate it i used to be fit as a fiddle you could say "hey! emsley!

i would be like "whut? "run up that hill and do 30 press ups i d be like "ok"

but now if im givien strange orders i get out of breath exerciseing more so than when i only smoked a few.


Im acting ehporic arnt i?

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