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Well at least more ppl are contributing and asking for stuff :)

Sry guys but My website isn't finished

(I'm using the new computer...which frontpage doesn't work on it, so i have to use the other computer to finish it)


Maybe i'm just lazy to look for this buut.

How do u put a border line that is always there like:


News | Banner


Isos |


Links |


Me |



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now they put a group limit on a day...good thing i have many names

getting Raiden Project up on my Website.


I tell you it seems that in the near futer you will have to pay for anything and everything on the net, sad but seems to be becomeing more evident by the minute.

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You mean a frame? Want it fixed or floating?

If you check my profile, you can see my website (Whats left of it..and how far I bothered taking it).

I've got a fixed frame setup, with the frame in the center loading content.

News page loaded in center frame uses tables, and the two menu's along the outside of the frame..........are done using tables as well.

Quite clean for everything being done manually (No frontpage BS).

Frames can be arranged any way you like.

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