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Chankast Utilities: Cheat Finder Results

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Just finished to convert about 300 cheats!!!! (All codebreakers dc cheats)


Is chankast utilities creator interrested to include all these cheats in his utilities ? I have Pm him but didn't answer



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sorry my english is bad and I don't understand what you said before :
That would be a community thing I would think.

Neither do I and I think my englishg is fairly good. :(


So K´dash, care to elaborate?

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Well, since people from the community technically made them (i.e. just converted them to CHT) A Cheat code pack should be optional.

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thanks for hosting it

Thanks for making it, that is the biggest list I have ever seen. Expect to see yourself in the credits list in the ReadMe file with everyone else who contributed or who contributes with the cheat additions. :D

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