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  1. I'm using the nero aspi as Sultan said. but no matter what selfboot program I use, I have IO errors with the image What can I do ?
  2. If you are playing MvC at 5fps, it's that you forgotten to activate capcom hack. Mine MvC works full speed.
  3. I also have TDC and it doesn't work for me too, so we have to wait for the next chankast version to be released and hope it'll work.
  4. Here is a NEW cheat file that I made today for Shikigami no Shiro 2 [Infinite Credits] ON=1F03F0,00000063 [Infinite Bombs P1] ON=1E11F6,00000006 [Infinite Bombs P2] ON=1E1292,00000006 [Infinite Life P1] ON=1E11E0,00000003 [Infinite Life P2] ON=1E127C,00000003 [GameInfo] Name=Shikigami no Shiro 2 System=Dreamcast Text=Shikigami no Shiro 2, by Gunzo The Mad Programmer
  5. If someone like me, couldn't wait for new utilities release with cheats converted by "community". contact me and I willl send you my cheats.
  6. sorry my english is bad and I don't understand what you said before :
  7. Just finished to convert about 300 cheats!!!! (All codebreakers dc cheats) Is chankast utilities creator interrested to include all these cheats in his utilities ? I have Pm him but didn't answer
  8. ADAPTOID works fine with chankast (play with a N64 pad on pc)
  9. I'm currently converting ALL the codebreakers dreamcast site codes to chankast CHT files. In a few days I'll finish.
  10. I really enjoy playing games at full speed thanks to speed pig and snap it is very usefull Thanks for the tools
  11. To show you that people believe in your project, I made probably the first Cheatfile These are cheats for "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2" [P1 Infinite Health] ON=268760,90 [P1 1 Hit Death ] ON=268760,1 [P1 Partner Infinite Health] ON=2692A8,90 [P1 Max Special] ON=28964A,5 [P2 Infinite Health] ON=268D04,90 [P2 1 Hit Death ] ON=268D04,1 [P2 Partner Infinite Health] ON=269DF0,90 [P2 Max Special] ON=28964B,5 [Max Experience] ON=212C3C,6363 [Infinite Points] ON=212C3E,270F [Unlock All Characters] ON=28C420,FFFFFF ON=28C424,FFFFFF ON=28C430,FFFFFF ON=28C434,FFFFFF [GameInfo] Name=MARVEL VS. CAPCOM System=Dreamcast Text=Marvel Vs. Capcom by Gunzo
  12. how can you test the cheater in official version if these one doesn't has the nice window called "cheat" in the picture seen previously. you can only make cht files and see how beautifull they are or cheat with a 3rd part editor only
  13. I just saw this screenshot http://1emulation.com/chankast/Chankast-pics/chancast03.jpg well, it's beautifull Chankast Cheat Assistant is ONLY usefull to a few people who owns these screenshot version hacked chankast. so why did the cheat assistant is a public release if nobody has the cheat feature in chankast ?
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