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Chankast Alpha Emulator Compatibilty List

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Are we starting a new thread for v0.2 or using this one?

Testing game that didn't work for me before (may have worked for some in 0.1)

Utopia Boot Disc: Almost works! Lets me switch cds, starts to load but doesn't finish.

Evil Dead: Hail to the King: Works

Chu Chu Rocket: working! (no CDDA support for music)

Shenmue II: Works. best with Z write AND alpha Z write on.

Last Blade 2 FE: Working, but 1/4 resolution

KOF Evolution: Same, 1/4 resolution.

Alone in the Dark: locks up in same place at 0.1

Urban Chaos: Crashes at sega logo

Ferrari F355 Challenge: Crashes at sega logo

NBA 2K2: Crashed same place as 0.1

Starlancer: Doesn't work.

SF Rush 2049: Exits to bios after sega logo

Games with Echelon trainers now play the trainer, but lock up afterwards. For me these include Fatal Fury Garou, Skies of Arcadia, Rez, Bomberman Online, Tennis 2k2

Soldier of Fortune: Doesn't lock up, but doesn't do anything either. Just a black screen, but the framerate number keeps changing.

Alien Front: same as SOF

Mame: Same as SOF

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Chankast v0.2a test report



Just wanted to give my thoughts on this AMAZING emulator!


My system:

2.4GHZ Pentium 4 533MHz fsb







Games tested:






Game Compatibility / speed:



Playable with 35-45 fps.



Playable with 20-35 fps. Player shadows missing.



Needs "Dead Or Alive 2: Limited Edition" fix to run (see DOA2:LE FIX for more info and instructions for fix).

EDIT: emutalk.net is down for now so i posted a tutorial here

Playable with 30-35 fps. Texture glitches after prolonged play.



My Most wanted features in Chankast:


Good control configuration (done! :P )


Easy program setup & configuration (done! :lol: )


Fullscreen option


Ability to save configuration in a portable file.


Save states.


More consistent gameplay speed with less fluctuation (though it's great as it is)





Hats off to the 1emulation.com team for a great effort. Been a regular visitor since i first saw the site :)

Edited by mashakos
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We don't deserver that much credit. We just make the utilties pack. Floods of cheats and other various stuff I can't think of on the way!

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I was just referring to the site k'dash! It's a great achievement considering the state of some emu sites.


Didn't mention the chankast team so I will now: Great work guys. Chankast rocks! :lol:


Just wanted to say that the emutalk.net site has gone down so nobody will be able to check out the fix for DOA2:LE :P



I'll post a tutorial soon. The fix might make other games that won't boot work. It worked for Virtua Striker 2, so who knows maybe Ferrari F335 challenge might be playable ?

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Evolution 2 = It works fine, with some slowness where you are in town.

It crashes if you get out of the 1st town if you don´t have an assignment.

Some graphics bugs but otherwise it is fine


3Rd Strike Street Fighter = Very playable, minor glitches


Great work Chanka Team!! :P

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macross m3 does work. when you get to where you press start to start a new game it will show the year and then add three years to it, then it shows the date , now this might be where people think the game isnt working but if you just let it go eventually it will load and the game will start.. there are some graphics errors.

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Tested a new game with the DOA2 LE fix:





Compatibility / Speed:


Boots and runs successfully after applying DOA2 LE fix.

Speed goes up to 35fps when I reduce CPU speed to 85%.

Major graphical glitch makes game unplayable: only one light source in-game and that is over the player.

Also textures are messed up.


Turns out the glitches were from my PC over heating! :D

After restarting the system, I found that the game actually has no gfx glitches and runs at a steady 35 fps.

Edited by mashakos
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nope, echelon trainers and intros still lock up chankast. I actually don't see any compatability improvments in 0.25 over 0.2. In fact its maybe a little less compatible, as I seem to be having more lockups in fullscreen than I have in normal mode.

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