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Chankast Alpha Emulator Compatibilty List

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Blue Submarine No. 6: Time and Tide --Working. Some audio and graphical glitches. Only played through the city screens. I didn't have the patience to get toa point in the story where I could actually go out in the sub. But I would definatley put it down as playable.


emsley: This is an alpha release, so it does need a lot of work. Fortunately the authors are hard at work on the next version. I have a feeling this emulator will start to have a finished look in no time at all. What they have done so far is incredibly impressive.

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Chu Chu Rocket = NOT working

Very interesting errors on this.  There's no music (since that is CDDA) but there are also no mice!  You win every board instantly because of this!

What the hell? Nice bug. :lol: Apparently the developers haven't figured out how and where the DC loads the mice placements.



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