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Killer Multi-Emulator Disc Posted


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it has:




master system





atari 2600

atari 5200

turbo graphix 16





it has romsets damn near complete but he did mention he removed most hacks, non working, and some games in japanese. also he kept any that was usa (if there wasn't a usa version, he kept the euro version)

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ya it sounds great my mod chip is coming soon so i grab it..



Big Ass Emulator Disc FAQ



Q: Why are you posting this?


A: I've been watching the Xbox group for a few months, but I have yet to


see anyone post

an emulator disc with multiple systems. I made a disc for my own use, and


now I've

decided to post it. I'm sure there are many people who would like something


like this,

but don't have the time and/or knowledge to create it. Compiling this disc


took way more

time than I planned, and I'd like to save others the effort of doing it




Q: How big is big?


A: 4,698,079,232 bytes


Q: Will that fit on a DVD?


A: Barely.


Q: What did you use for the multigame menu?


A: CDX.xbe, the Content Demo eXecutable, a Microsoft program used for


demos and kiosk

displays. See the XDK documentation or the forums on xbox-scene.com for


more info.


Q: What systems are on the disc?


A: - Atari 2600

- Atari 5200

- Atari Lynx

- Colecovision

- Intellivision


- MSX2

- Nintendo Entertainment System

- Super NES

- Sega Master System

- Sega Genesis

- Turbografx 16

- Neo Geo Pocket

- WonderSwan


Q: How many games for each system?


A: Well, I started off with full GoodTools sets for every console and whittled


them down to

make them all fit. I removed all the overdumps and bad dumps, the


unplayable crap. No point

in having those on the disc. I also deleted some 16-bit hacks. Also, a few


official 16-bit games

had to go. I don't remember exactly what I took off, but I looked for


European games

for which there is also a U.S. version and deleted the Euro version. I also


deleted a few story-driven

Japanese games that are completely unplayable unless you speak Japanese.


The total number of

official games deleted is probably only about 15-20.


Q: How many games are there, total, between all the systems?


A: 14,620


Q: How'd you fit so many?


A: Except for the oldest systems (for which a full ROM set is only a few MB),


the emulators can all

read from ZIP archives. EVery ROM on this disc that can be zipped is


zipped. That's also why I

used STORE on the posted RAR archive. I would waste a whole lot of time


and get very little, if any,

compression on the already-compressed files.


Q: Can I extract the ISO and put the contents on my Xbox hard drive?


A: Short answer, no. Long answer, yes, with a "but." The Xbox can read


128-character filenames

from a disc, but filenames on the hard drive are limited to 30-something


characters. When you try

to transfer the contents of the ISO to the Xbox, you'll get errors on all the


filenames longer

than that limit. All the shorter ones should transfer fine, though, and so


should all the files

neccessary for the operation of all the emulators. If you want to play ALL


the games off the HDD,

you'll have to get a batch renamer program (there are lots of freeware ones)


to truncate the filenames.


Q: How do I exit from a game so I can choose another game?


A: This question is only included because it took me a while to figure out


and wasn't answered in

the regular FAQs for the emulators. You press the right control stick IN, like


it's a button.


Q: Are any default configuration options changed in the emulators?


A: Yes. All of the X-PORT emulators (the ones with a similar interface that


were all ported by the

same guy) have music playing by default when you're choosing your game.


On some, the music even

keeps going when you start playing the game! I changed the config for all


emulators so music doesn't

play during the game. Since there's no config option to stop the music


during game selection, I changed

all the songs to small files with nothing but silence. The regular songs take


up space, and also

most of them suck, IMHO. Even if they were good, anything will get


annoying if you have to hear it looping

over and over every time you choose a game.


Q: Why isn't an emulator for system X included? That one was my favorite!


A: Sorry, not enough room. The DVD can't get any fuller than it already is. If


there's some interest

among downloaders, I can compile a second disc with more different



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I cant seem to find his post, i use mozilla thunderbird or whatever its called and it wont let me dl all the headers it just stops and freezes. I found some post about a bad file or something but I can't find the dl. Can anyone help me?

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chances are you missed it, sorry.


a guy posted saying he got it incomplete which happens to some ppl. also there was a minor error on the disc: when choosing intellivision to will boot to adamx (colecovision). the emu is there, he only made an error in the inx file so you can either fix it by extracting the disc and then edit the inx file or use the dash/app to list the contents of the disc and open the xbe of the emu

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think any of you that actually got your hands on the iso could maybe repost it ?

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yeah i grabed this, its great tho the lynx and wonderswan emus don't work so great and atari 5200 emu is confusing

what program did you use to burn the iso?


i keep getting errors with nero and Alcohol 120%..


What settings?

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