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Someone order me around


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Ok heres the deal, im setting out to learn how to use tools for web design ok?


All i need from you clever people are the first things i should learn/ read up on.

Someone order me in the correct direction please!!


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Emsley.....no. First learn HTML and what it's tags do. You'll be better off that way.

Frontpage is ok to use, but it's mainly for people to create webpages that haven't an idea on whats really doing the work behind the scene.


You'll be able to alot more with even frontpage with a good knowledge of HTML first. You'll know exactly what is going on within the code, be able to create more complex things and know the how and why.


Think of it as a gun. Just because you can pull the trigger, doesn't mean you know how a gun works or how to use it properly right?


Just do a search on you're favourite search engine to find docs on learning HTML. But theres nothing wrong with getting started in Frontpage at the same time too.

Just trying to point you in the right direction of doing things the best you can. :lol:

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I think: Macromedia Dreamweaver


Is most likely the best.


The reason why is:


1. User Friendly


2. Don't Need To Know Html


3. Stable & Fast


4. You can edit basically any page easily.



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