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Some Fun Fba Code :)

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having a minor prob here, when i try to add the init's for mslug4 and rotd i get an error :(

heres an example of what i did:

static int rotdInit()
nNeoProtectionXor = 0x3f;
return NeoInit();

struct BurnDriver BurnDrvrotd = {

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havent tried it yet, but that was goddamn awesome work you made there! ;)


i want metal slug 5 code too you foo! :Pj/k, though i really wish one exist :(

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i cant get it to work too. heres my error:


MinGWC:\fbasrc>make >log.txt
src/burn/neogeo/neo_run.cpp: In function `int LoadRoms(NeoGameInfo*)':
src/burn/neogeo/neo_run.cpp:522: error: ISO C++ forbids variable-size array `
C:\MINGW\BIN\MAKE.EXE: *** [neo_run.o] Error 1


i modded the code slightly in neogeo.h though, since "extern int ncthd2003;" already existed, i decided to add "extern int nnPCM2Value;" instead, but im not sure if that made it worse (?)

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Oops!!! I copied the wrong line from neogeo.h when making my driver page.


Instead of adding this in neogeo.h

extern int ncthd2003;


add this:

extern int nPCM2Value;


I've fixed it now on the page I posted.

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i'm still getting a problem adding the init for mslug or rotd, says:

src/burn/neogeo/d_neogeo.cpp: In function `int mslug4Init()':
src/burn/neogeo/d_neogeo.cpp:7121: `nPCM2Value' undeclared (first use this
src/burn/neogeo/d_neogeo.cpp:7121: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only

  once for each function it appears in.)
make: *** [d_neogeo.o] Error 1

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