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Microsoft take new approach to Xbox in Japan


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Because the Xbox isn't selling well in Japan they have decided to completely change thier target audience. They are now not going to advertise it as a games machine but as a cheap DVD player for middle aged housewives :lol:


Well I guess they have to sell it somehow but considering MS makes like a £100 loss on every console this can't be good business :D


News that isn't so funny is that people with chipped Xboxs and only people with chipped Xboxs are getting "cannot connect to server" messages now with Xbox live. Thier Beta cds worked before but now they don't. I am kind of glad I didn't solder a chip into mine but it still sucks as I want to use it for emulation :D

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Well the news about the mod chips I was told by a lot of people in irc who have the beta. Microsoft say it is not a deliberate thing they created but it just happened. They also hint that they won't fix it because those with mod chips have invalidated thier warrantys :lol:


You can read the interview with the European MS guy here


And here is the news about the Japanese chief stepping down.

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