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Shining Force - Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon

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This is a dream come true for me. The only ever true classic games I remember for my Genesis is the Shining Force games. Probably my very first experience in the RPG world. After I beat the game, I was ever so hoping to figure out what had happened to that mighty warrior. Now I probably have a chance to do so.


Today, the (E) version of Shining Force has been released! I got it from irc. I would like to ramble on some more but I have to get playing it.

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Your going to have fun with this one. Its an enhanced version of Shining Force 1.



-New Graphics

-More storyline about the main character

-Storylines for indivual people that join your party

-More items to equip (not sure)


I don't really know if the gameplay or inventory system has been changed, because its been so long since I played SF1.

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Hey it would be so nice if i could get ahold of a "Shining force: Resurrection of the dark dragon" link,


im like the ultimate old school shining force kid and i never got the chance to play 3 on saturn

*cries* but im really exited to hear about the remake of sf1. Shining Force has to be one of the darkest and most personal rpg out there (In my opinion).


anyway i would love a link of some roms, i cant die until i play them all hehe.

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