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Kof2001 For Kawa-x


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Does this romset support kawa-x or kawa hex?


ms4_p1.rom 4D7E6624

ms4_p2.rom FDB7AED8


ms4_m1.rom ????????


ms4_c1.rom 6C2B0856

ms4_c2.rom C6035792

ms4_c3.rom 0721D112

ms4_c4.rom 6AA688DD

ms4_c5.rom 794BC2D6

ms4_c6.rom F85EAE54


ms4_v1.rom C1B2AF81

ms4_v2.rom CBBDC6FA

ms4_v3.rom C4F1A3CC

ms4_v4.rom 40126A0A

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When you say full decrypted what do mean by that?

My english is not the best in town and im not that good at computers ether.


So you say that i can play every neogeo rom i want on kawa-x aslong as the sice is right?


And how do i know what sice kawa-x wants on the roms?

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decrypt/encrypt info can be found here http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4665


Xx1LLMAT1CxX make sure you didn't change the rompath.ini (it should always be D:\roms\) its a known bug that never got fixed. this also means all your roms you wanna use for kawa-x should be in kawa-x's roms folder (if you also use fba-x, just use that neogeo.zip)

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