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Visual Boy Advance 1.2 released!

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If you like GBA games then you need to download this! :roll:

Core changes from v1.1

added MidiKey2Freq bios call (thanks Chris Moeller)
added AdvanceMAME Scale2x and Simple 2x filters
added support for higher frameskip (up to 9)
added C core for portability
added big endian support
added support for movement sensor (thank Parasyte)
added support for selecting save type available
fixed another value for the bios protection
fixed sound envelope reload bug (thanks jaymzj)
fixed timer counter (not changing the value of the counter unless the timer overflows or is restarted)
fixed problem on big endian when setting IO memory reable positions
fixed reset LCD after disabling forced blank
speed up now uses frameskip 9 (6 FPS)
improved message when BIOS function cannot be emulated

Windows changes:

added freeze recent list option
added 800x600 support
support to export GamesharkAdvance save games
fixed bug when changing directories in the Directories... dialog

SDL version:

added emulation for motion sensor
fixed crash when printing void * variables
fixed crash when -b specified incorrectly
fixed warning when reading configuration file about disableMMX if compiled without MMX support
fixed crash when trying open file that does not exist

Get it from [url="http://vboy.emuhq.com/"]HERE!![/url]

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Anyone know of a GBA program that works on a 300mhz PC?

I know, I might as well be asking for an N64 emulator that will work, but...

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Visual Boy Advance is about as good as it gets for compatability I think. There are a lot of GBA emus out there though. If you go to [url="http://www.gbaemu.com"]http://www.gbaemu.com[/url] you can check them out on the left hand side of the page. I don't know which ones will run better on a low spec machine though. Sorry mate!

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One can only say about emulation to try and see.
If I mention the fact that PJ64 runs many games fine on my brothers PIII 450, you'd probably tell me I'm full of it. But it does..........

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