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What Is The Best Nes Emulator Around?

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well first of all, any game that ive had trouble with on any other emulator has always worked fine on FCEUltra, Secondly, Even really screwed up homebrew games and weird hacks of games run smoothly on FCE Ultra. Not only that but its fully compatible with all my joystiqs and controll doodads. It also has excellent sound emulation and excellent speed. Also, Its never currupted a savestate on me. (I admit this really doesn't happen too much, ive only had it happen 2 or 3 times on another emu, forget which one, but still, it would suck quite a lot to lose a savestate on the last level)


As for the savestate compatibility, no idea, every savestate ive downloaded worked fine with it. But i rarely download them.


Does it come in a window? If im understanding you correctly, Yes.

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Yes, after 1+ year my search has STILL been going on, though I've barely payed attention to NES throughout all this time. This weekend I decided to start up the search again and go with the oft mentioned emu here, FCE Ultra. Upon trying out my ROMS it played everything perfectly (even Konami's Langrange Point, whose sound Nestopia doesn't emulate. NNNester J does emulate it though.) though I think I saw a graphical error in one of the levels of Street Fighter 2010.


The big problem that I was having (and that I ALWAYS recall having with FCE Ultra, which is why I've given up on it many times before) is the sound. Now I think I have a very competent PC for 8/16-Bit emulation (Windows XP, 1.6Ghz Pentium 4, ATi Rage 128 Ultra 16 MB, Integrated Sound) even though my video and sound equipment sucks. Still enough to get the job done for older systems. The issue that I've been having is that most of the time the sound crackles & pops and then turns to ****, as if my PC couldn't handle the emu. I think it has to do with sound to buffer gauge, which I left at the default of 50 ms (I NEVER understood those gauges, which is one of the main reasons I dislike SNES9X). I dunno how to work that so I just left it alone (its between 15ms and 300ms IIRC). Anyone got any tips on how to keep the sound clean? Other than that I've had no other problems with the emulation. If all goes well then this might just be the keeper.


Has NES emulation as a whole stopped dead in its tracks? Has it really been conquered once and for all? Previously I thought that getting NES emulation down pat was a frickin' walk in the park. Until I found out that that pokey 8-Bit system is more complicated than it looks, with all the precision and accuracy needed to achieve faithful emulation (think Mike Tyson's Punch-Out). Same goes for SNES.

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I sound buffer is a part of memory where the sound samples are stored before they get to your speakers. Having a large buffer can cause sound delay, and too small of a buffer can cause noise in the sound.

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(Keep in mind I have 640 MB DDR SDRAM) So is the default of 50ms good enough (because the sound still cracks with that) Where should I set it at (also remember the scale goes from 15ms to 300ms)?


Aside from that my sound settings are:


-Force 8-Bit sound

-Highest Quality

-48000 khz

-Secondary sound buffer.........

-.........with global focus

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