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What Is The Best Nes Emulator Around?

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I'm more impressed by the games sound. I'd say its around TG-16 quality, not borderline Sega Genesis quality like I thought before. I'm impressed by how much developers stretched the NES hardware to its limits (that is with the help of mappers, seeing as a stock NES was quite weak.) Parallax scrolling on an NES? Unheard of! The tons of flicker in most games is annoying though.........


I'd probably like the game even more if it was translated, but seemingly no one is picking it up out there.



Oh, and that NES palette you provided the link to is MILES better than the default/emulated palette that Nestopia has. Its a keeper.

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The game has far better sound than any of the other NEs games thanks to that extra chip, and you aren't the only one who says that it's almost like TG-16. While extra chips in SNES carts are no big deal, and extra chip in a NES cart was/is truly revolutionary.


And yes, that custom palette blows the emulators' original palettes out of the water. AspiringSquire tested his palette against his own NES when he made sure that the colors would be as accurate as possible.

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I'm surprised noone has mentioned Famtasia.. or something to that effect


It used to be the most used for tool-assisted speed runs. I think it has a good balance of options, compatability, and accuracy. Hella flexable too.

True, but emulators have gone past it... Most people don't care about speedruns anyway, they want compatibility and usability

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I have a RockNESX. It works pretty good.

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The big problem that I was having (and that I ALWAYS recall having with FCE Ultra, which is why I've given up on it many times before) is the sound. Now I think I have a very competent PC for 8/16-Bit emulation (Windows XP, 1.6Ghz Pentium 4, ATi Rage 128 Ultra 16 MB, Integrated Sound) even though my video and sound equipment sucks. Still enough to get the job done for older systems. The issue that I've been having is that most of the time the sound crackles & pops and then turns to ****, as if my PC couldn't handle the emu. I think it has to do with sound to buffer gauge, which I left at the default of 50 ms (I NEVER understood those gauges, which is one of the main reasons I dislike SNES9X). I dunno how to work that so I just left it alone (its between 15ms and 300ms IIRC). Anyone got any tips on how to keep the sound clean? Other than that I've had no other problems with the emulation. If all goes well then this might just be the keeper.
I know this is a very old topic, but this post shows up in a google search.


I had exactly this same problem with FCE ultra on a new Vista installation after years of trouble free use.


I worked on the source for a while to try and track down the problem and managed to solve it (at least for my machine :lol: )


The issue seems to be that FCEU doesn't "react" to a sound buffer underflow condition quickly enough. It waits until the sound buffer is completely empty before accelerating the framerate (uflow=1) to compensate for it. By then it's too late. So, I changed the check to look for a half-full buffer.


Further, if you have your "Frameskip" value set to 0 (which seems logical, if you're using Vsync), the mechanism to "fill" the sound buffer becomes limited by vsync/double buffer and the buffer is unable to properly fill itself (uflow condition does nothing). Solution there is just to set frameskip to something greater than 0. I also made some additional changes to the update loop to make sure a frame refresh isn't called when recovering from underflow.


Some people will never see this happen. If your sound card's clock is exactly right or slightly slow, your buffer will always remain full. It has no problem delaying for a frame to wait for the sound buffer to empty (that's how the sound throttling works). It's just the code to skip a frame when the sound is running a little faster than the framerate that didn't quite work right.


I've uploaded my modified fceu here: http://www.tvrules.net/misc/fceu.zip


Also note that in this version the game controllers are not stored by GUID but by controller number (that was the reason I figured out how to get the source compiled years ago). So you may need to reconfigure you game controllers to use with my version.

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I Would definitly Say ZSNES search it you can get it from the ZSNES homepage just google it cause posting their homepage would break rules... and I don't break rules I can post games that are no longer copyrighted and are public domain as long as I credit the creator Or i use their base source files to create a new game. :thumbsdown:

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