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What Is The Best Nes Emulator Around?

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"NESticle is somewhat deficient"


Says a friend of mine. Sure, I still use it occasionally for nostalgia's sake, but let's face it, it's horribly inaccurate and outdated.


Even so, it's part of the emulation history, by none other than the Bloodlust team.

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Yes, now that ive gone back a few pages it was that ME! guy. Looks like his avatar is peering into your inner soul, into your inner child sncd checking him out up & down :D Heres a pedo joke right on time for Halloween:


What's your favorite part of Halloween?


pedo: Free Delivery.





I cant believe this thread is STILL active. Then again, these classic system boards have next to no traffic. Funny thing is, i still havent fullfilled the purpose of this topic in finding the best NES emulator ;) Im so lazy.

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Wow, I haven't been on 1Emu in ages (6+months), and this thread is STILL on the first page!!!!


So guys, any updates on the NES emu rankings? I've been using NNNesterJ but it had this really nasty bug that froze my PC coming out of fullscreen, and I promptly chucked it. So once again I am without an NES emu. Its sad too, because from what I remember NNNesterJ was the only NES emu that IMO properly played the music of the VRC7 game Lagrange Point. Nestopia doesn't play the music at all.

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