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  1. Fire Emblem stories always pleased me. They were unique but retained a high fantasy feel, without becoming overly cheesy.
  2. I didn't think the SvC soundtrack was very bad. Certainly better than a lot of the CvSnk 2 songs, and miles beyond MvC2 (the music ruined that entire game for me....even though I love the comic characters). I don't think the SF classic characters have ever looked better than in SvC Chaos. The music wasn't memorable, but it was still good.
  3. Here is a forum dedicated to ideas for future games from Koei, the creators of the Dynasty Warriors, Kessen, and Romance of the Three Kingdom series. http://gamestormers.proboards44.com/index.cgi I didn't start it, but I do contribute as much as I can. It's kind of just a wistful pursuit, but the creator says he will make a formal letter eventually (probably later this year). Either way, it's a good place to make suggestions with strategy/action fans.
  4. !! It was Thunderblade! Man that was fun. Arcades were so amazing back then. Even crappy games seemed special. bop The other one was Solar Warrior I think. I'm not sure. Also, remember that one shooter game where you fought zombies? It was really cool, with dark overtones in flashy common graphics of the day. I think it was Zombie Hunter.
  5. Does anyone remember this game? It was completely fantastic. I played it on an Amiga 2000 when I was a kid. I don't know why it never got transfered to consoles. Sega CD especially. Anyways, Amiga 2000 is my favorite retro computer ever, but are there any other versions that could do it well? edit: dammit wrong forum sorry
  6. I don't know why I always like the silent-angry types, like Washizuka, Genjuro, Gato, and Venom, but I do. Ussually they have long hair and it's always some dark color. It's just a personality thing I like I guess.
  7. Is SegaCD emulation worth the space? I know that Ecco has some great music, and Eternal Champions CD is great, but is the tradeoff good?
  8. I like it when new Virtua Fighter players think that's the case with Akira, and then proceed to stumble around while getting dominated. I wonder what he would be like in 2D? Probably like Takuma/Mr. Karate. Now that I think about it, SF2 still has the best bosses. Not to mention four of them. KoF either has a long haired demigod who fights with one hand and wears a duster, or a bright haired demigod who wears little and fights with no hands (even SF3 followed in this trend
  9. The zombie version would be really cool if it also had Mexico, the SW, Route 66, and all that stuff. Like Dusk till Dawn.....with Racoon city thrown into the mix!
  10. Alien VS Predator D&D Tower of Doom In the Hunt (this is the best, so I second it) The Simpsons Vampire Savior 2/Darkstalkers 3 The New Zealand Story Tenchi Wo Kurau 1 and 2 Ghouls and Ghosts UN Squadron Afterburner
  11. I couldn't play FFMQ without a fast forward button today. Too bad modern FFs don't have fast forward. Maybe I would actually be able to play them then.
  12. MK characters really do kick ass! I wish somehow, Capcom or SNK would merge or get the rights to them. Scorpion especially. I had his figure back when I was a kid too. Can't believe I forget them. Probably just because Samsho made me forget about MK after part 2. It would also be cool if Soul Calibur characters were in a Dynasty Warriors. I wonder if PS3 will have DW games that look like SC in graphics.
  13. It would be really great if they made a realistic GTA type game, except with low gas in cars, barely running vehicles, and ZOMBIES everywhere!!
  14. I was playin Breath of Fire 2, a great game, and I remembered how ridiculously hard it was when I played it ten years ago on Snes. I can't think of anything with dungeons that even come close, except FF2j.
  15. Are all roms of Ninja Master's screwed up, or did I just get a fluke?
  16. The newest Rage is doing 1,2, 4, and X fine for me. Is there any way to make the blood red?
  17. The Arcade was like disneyland when I was a kid, and there were all kinds of games. I can't remember the name of a bunch of them though. Let's use this thread for identifying games. The first one I'm thinking of was a helicopter-shooter game. It had a special chair, sort of like Afterburner. It didn't move though, it just made sound. It may have rumbled too. The game itself switched between first person and overhead between stages. The other game was a clear Star Wars rip off. A sidescroller that looked like on the face of the moon. I think there were little buildings that guys ran out of. I never got past the first stage, where there were three guys (or maybe two) with lightsabers that jumped off the cliff and killed you. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. I still think SVC Chaos beats KoF by miles. What I don't get is why SNK can make superior fighters to capcom, but they kept cranking out KoF instead. btw, does In the Hunt go by any other names?
  19. Haohmaru's a lot cooler than your average fireball+uppercut hero though. But as for SF, Rolento completely dominates Ryu....at least when he's in it. Even though everyone thinks Akuma's great, Bison's still cooler and tougher.
  20. I played CvSnk2 on a gamecube once, and there was a choice between oldschool controls and insta-moves (including supers) with the right stick. The second was nice if you weren't familiar with all of the different games, but stupidly, the designers limited you to one punch and kick button if you used that. Sort of like in SS3-4 where you have to aim your kicks for power level.
  21. Fatal Fury's connect the dots moves are half the challenge of the game. Anyone play Cap VS Snk 2 on a system where you could do all the moves with the right stick? NeoRage rocks. I broke the D pad on my controller and now I'm using the analog stick
  22. Washizuka from Last Blade is damn cool too. I'm glad he's in the upcoming Battle Colosseum.
  23. I always did great in SF with M Bison and in SS with Genjuro ...even though I liked Haohmaru's character better.
  24. http://ngmc.retrogames.com/download.html has lots of good backgrounds. Also interested in finding Mugeners.
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