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Break the record!!


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So the record for GameCops forums is.. 13.


Not bad. But we can do better.


We should see how high we can push that, by having as many of us log on as possible on the same day, to show our support for GameCop and all he's done..


This thread will be perfect to discuss when would be the best day and time..


For example, most of us are free on the weekends.. next week saturday or sunday? what time?


NOTE: Make the time in GMT please.. it will be easiest for everyone to convert to their time zone if you make it GMT.

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Thats a good idea, its kind of a pitty how are record use to be 28 members and now it is 13 when I did the forum switch.


BTW people, incase you are puzzled on what he is talking about "The most users online at once" :roll:


Probally today (Saturday) at "GMT - 8 Hours"


Since a lot of people I know here are from the pacific part of the world.


I'll be on (HopeFully). :oops:

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that´s why your gf compalins on bed LOL


(says in best 3 stooges voice)oohhh, i see, a wise guy is it. i'll fix you, yukk, yukk, yukk. :roll:


actually, she kinda likes that i dont "sleep", if you know what i mean. he he. :oops:

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